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Amatra Digital Gadgets

Amatra Digital Gadgets was initiated in 2012, with the noble idea of offering services in repairing faulty gadgets and devices not only at module level but at the chip level, thus increasing the yield rate of good electronics  and bringing back the life of the dead devices and gadgets, putting it to reuse and thus reducing the e-waste and saving money for companies and also individuals and saving the Planet Earth from reduced carbon footprint and make the planet a safer place for our next generations.

The advent of electronic systems, equipments, devices and gadgets across Planet Earth in the modern day digital world, has transformed  the business world and also the lives of human race, leading to experiencing new levels of connectivity, performance, efficiency, comfort  and convenience, overall making the life lot more faster, easier and joyful.

The flip side of these achievements are the newer problems; these devices and gadgets once they become faulty and non-functional, the dependence on the same makes us vulnerable ,handicapped and helpless.  These dead and faulty electronics is turning into mountains of  e-waste, releasing toxic chemicals, harming the Planet Earth and creating concern for businesses and Individuals.

Derived from ancient Sanskrit, “Amatra” means “immeasurable,” a connotation that defines our identity, yes, delivering immeasurable value through “service with care and human touch is our motto.”

At Amatra, each moment, we deal with dead electronics and our challenge and passion is to bring life back to these devices and gadgets and send them to reuse.

We are  experts in chip level repair of mother boards and systems of electronic devices and gadgets covering full spectrum of electronics, viz avionics, automobile, consumer, defense, industrial, medical, nuclear, power, computers, communication, networking, entertainment systems, devices and gadgets.

Amatra Digital Gadgets is an omnibus electronics service company and is an authorized L3 and L4 service provider (repair and return) for in-warranty mobile phones and tablets for leading technological brands in the B2B segment.  Amatra Digital Gadgets renders both in-warranty and out-of -warranty services for all brands of laptops, for the B2B and B2C segments.  Other services include warranty management solutions for OEMs/Brands, IT and AMC services for corporates and institutions.

Amatra Digital Gadgets is recognized as the No.1 L3 and L4 service provider in India.  With outstanding ratings from associated Brands, Amatra Digital Gadgets envisages a bigger market share with key client acquisitions.

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