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In-warranty repairs

We are associated with some of the top notch laptop Brands in providing efficient B2B service.  Amatra Digital Gadgets has a reputation of being the laptop specialist, in terms of providing cost effective and reliable repair services.  Amatra Digital Gadgets provide best of innovative resources, in terms of technical infrastructure, processes and work force expertise.  We understand that rework of an electronics printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), cannot be done using mass processing techniques as they do not apply to single device repair and/or replacement.  We use specialized techniques to identify, repair and replace defective components.  Most notable area array packages such as Ball Grid Array (BGA)devices are used, which is lead-free soldering compatible.

We also provide repair services for walk-in customers with laptops under warranty, who want their laptops repaired swiftly or could not locate the service provider.

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