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    A 10 minute visit to your premises opened my eyes to the kind of value addition you are doing for reduction of electronic waste in Bangalore. I am making a copy of your letter to secretary (IT) who will also see how best your services can be utilized by us.

    J.K. Dadoo, I.A.S.

    Secretary (Environment) Govt of India – NCR- Delhi

    Amatra Digital Gadgets Pvt. Ltd. tended to our hardware issues late in the evening and sorted them out; we also purchased an LCD monitor from Amatra. We are happy to state Amatra Digital Gadgets extended their support in guiding and delivering good quality services.

    Total Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

    Hardware Supply

    A friend of mine was experiencing problems with his laptop that would cost him over Rs. 10,000 to repair, so he decided to sell it. I informed him about Amatra and, as a last resort, he took his laptop there and it was fixed in no time at all for just Rs. 3330. We were very pleased with their efficient service and recommend Amatra to those in need of laptop repair.

    Srinivasan Urkalan

    Purple Clip Films

    UdupiTech  is  pleased  to  place  on  record  our  sincere  appreciation  and  recognition  for  the  services rendered  by  Amatra  Digital  Gadgets  Pvt  Ltd.  Most  of  the  complex  boards  consisting  of  BGAs  were soldered by Amatra for UdupiTech.Among  these,  we  would  like  to  mention  and  place  on  record  one  of  the  toughest  work  done  by Amatra which includes soldering a Multi Chip Module BGA (consisting of 609 balls). This work could not even be accepted by leading EMS companies in Bangalore and Mysore. The following snap shot shows the work done. We will be pleased to recommend Amatra for any of the design, assembly, test and repair services.

    Ramachandra Gambheer

    Managing Director Udupi Sri Krishna Technologies Pvt Ltd

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